Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tombstone Beauty

On a recent trip out of town we came across an old cemetary with amazing tombstones done in the faux-bois technique. The stones were mostly dated from the 1800's and the detail on them is just amazing. I particularly love the nautical details as well as the ferns and the flowers. There was a large concentration of the stones in this old graveyard....and the benches and chairs were everywhere I turned. The graveyard and elaborate headstones made me think of one of my favorite authors, Tacy Chevalier, who wrote Girl With the Pearl Earring as well as the book Falling Angels which is about "Two families love and feud among the gravestones of London’s Highgate Cemetery."... Very Victorian and macabre. I think the headstones are works of art...a beautiful memorial to a life lived.....Have you spied anything similar where you live or on travels? (not that I think your are hanging out in graveyards mind you! but perhaps they caught your eye the way they did me).

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