Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shop Update: Green Card inspiration

All of these items will be showing up in the Shop. They are inspired by the movie Green Card, one of my favorite movies. The set design and the clothes are Wonderful in this movie. I hope you enjoy :)

GREEN THUMB Gardener Bib-Overalls!

COLORFUL Tulips~~ SEXY Back!

Sweet Red Geranium print!

Shabby chic blue roses nightgown or wear as a dress.

I LOVE this 60's Cotton MEADOW tank

LOVE BIRDS :) ~~ would be lovely decorations for a wedding.

Cute Wellies, gardening boots vase or pen/pencil holder :)

Floral barkcloth Barrel Bag

This beautiful scrimshaw brooch can be found at she has beautiful jewelry and many with a floral / nature theme. The following brooches can be found in my shop :)

vintage gardening books...LOVE the african violet book!

Lauren's bohemian / avant garde inspiration...The star top is from Lauren over at Dear Golden vintage on etsy. The rosettes can be found at bumblealley on etsy....or make your own shoe clips with the DIY kit from the lovely shop Paperhill on etsy.

The elephants are restless tonight cheri........

Letters from Africa print dress

Bone Collar faux-tortoise necklace

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  1. Ah, finally another person who loves Green Card! I think I know the interiors, the clothes and the lines by heart. It was the first ever date my husband and I went on...I had a perfect night and have watched the film hundreds of times since! Great blog!