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Living In: Green Card

I am always inspired by Amy Merrick over at Design Sponge that does the Living In column. She also has a wonderful blog An Apple a Day at and she works at what I imagine is a flower wonderland called Saipua. My shop update for etsy finds its' inspiration from living in the movie Green Card. I had a lot of fun doing this post :)

First Meeting before the marriage. Bronte looks apprehensive and Georges looks curious.

The apartment is nothing short of AMAZING, and it is no wonder that Bronte steps out of character and marries Georges....he wants his green card and she wants her green house. What a green house it is...hard to believe that this is an apartment in New York City!

Bronte is so lucky to have that fountain AND the Goldfish pond. As her friend Lauren hinted, I think she may have killed someone to get that apartment----No, wait. She just married a total stranger to get it :)

Georges is a total opposite of Bronte...but opposites do attract! He is a cowboy boot wearing, holes in his socks, smoking, real coffee drinking, rich French food eating, ball of charm! Bronte drinks decaf, eats muslix (birdseed as Georges calls it) and is a bit too up-tight for her own good....

There are more flowers in the apartment's kitchen, potted herbs and all of those colorful vintage vases...I love them in the kitchen re-purposed as utensil holders....

Flowers Abound in Bronte's apartment, both real and not---even in the medicine cabinet! Interesting that her face cream is named Monticello---home to showpiece flower gardens as well as fruit and vegetable gardens.

Brooches are one of my favorite items of jewelry, they add a bit of sparkle near the face and complete an outfit. I adore Bronte’s Calla Lilly brooch and Lauren’s Tree pin. Even little Miss Busy-Body of the apartment building sports some lovely flower pins--I especially love that she wears one on her hat!

In almost every frame Bronte wears something with flowers or she is surrounded by them. I LOVE the tulips peeking from the pocket of her striped work shirt.

Bronte looks good in everything from olive green cargo pants and chambray shirt to soft feminine pieces. I am COVETING the vintage terra cotta blouse and cropped pants. When paired with a trench and classic mary janes it offers a fresh and pretty look for Spring

The African theme is more subtle than the flowers, but certainly present--from the opening drum scene in the subway to the AFRIKA cafĂ© where Bronte first meets Georges. I particularly love the zebra print on George’s shirt & that tooled leather barrel bag.

I really like the simplicity and clean lines of this ensemble: Slim grey pencil skirt, black leather flats and belt, crisp white blouse and floral brooch, and a little elbow length sleeved black jacket and that tooled leather bag.

Bronte's friend Lauren has a fabulous Bohemian / avant garde style....I totally want a pair of rose embellished black ballet flats. The African kufi inspired hat (with heart and flowers) and her amazing Star dress and earrings----Fantastique!!!!

This may well be my favorite item of clothing in this movie and it is one of my favorite scenes of the movie. That iridescent jacket / blouse with rosette sash, puff sleeves and shawl collar is stunning. Worn with a simple black skirt, it is perfect and elegant for the dinner party that Bronte is attending. In the scene, Bronte is fussing with her hair, not quite sure whether to wear it up or down…before she leaves Georges tells her that her hair looks better down. In the elevator away from Georges she removes the hair pins and a cascade of curls is the result. I think Georges was right, better down!

There are more flowers at the dinner party given by Lauren’s parents, and the arrangements are stunning! Those pink peonies on the dinner table are beautiful… Note the elaborate floral embroidery on the woman’s dress.

Getting to know each other.....Bronte is much more relaxed and she is letting her hair down!

Writing letters to Bronte from Africa. The elephants are restless tonight....when will you come Cheri?

I Spied Several Pair of Love Birds!

Last Goodbye...the looks exchanged here are quite different from those of that first meeting....ahhh, Love!

....And those looks lead to lots of embracing and kissing...after all this is the story of two people who got
married, met and THEN fell in love. I really do LOVE this movie :)

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  1. Hi-I know this post is older, but I really enjoy Greencard!I agree about the brooches, I love vintage, used to sell vintage jewelry, and I've been an avid speedreader since the age of nine.
    Jessie Keosian, who played Mrs. Bird was Woody Allen's high school biology teaher and I think she made her debut in one of his films...she did just several roles. I think she did some commercials but I'm not sure...
    As far as Bronte's character, :I also loved Lois as her mom and Conrad McLaren as her Dad ("They LIED to ME!"). I wonder that Andie MacDowell was once quoted as saying that she thought that Bronte didn't care how she looked and was overweight(!). I just thought that she was one of those beautiful women with no vanity, who cared more about others and the environment than what she wore or what designer she was wearing...we all have someone like that in our lives! Thanks for the entry... ; )