Monday, June 7, 2010

All Nice and Thrifted

It's Monday and I am all nice and thrifted.  Everything I have on was thrifted :)  The embroidered peasant top had been in the shop and it didn't sell, and I am rather glad it didn't.   The Espadrille platform sandals I got for the ridiculous price of 2.00! and as I am a belt fiend I added the leather wrapped huge buckle belt.  That red Art Deco bracelet is one of my favorites, I have had it forever and it adds just the right pop of color as do those red dangle earrings both came from a local flea market; and the art deco platinum mine cut diamond ring, just the right amount of sparkle, bought at Scott's Antique Show in Hotlanta Georgia (it was June and very hot, the ring was a birthday present from Harry).

1 comment:

  1. hmmmmm~~~think i may start thrifing for my clothes instead of giving my hard earned money for clothes that dont look near as striking as the beautiful outfit that you have on in this pic.