Monday, May 10, 2010

La Fiancee (The Bride)

My thoughts cannot help but turn to weddings as the month of June looms on the horizon.  You certainly do not have to wait until the month of June to walk down the aisle and why wait when you have a dress this beautiful along with  an amazing wax floral headpiece to make your wedding veil something extra special.  This dress is from the late 1930s early 1940s.  This dress is all about the details. Yards of Slipper Satin that flow from a fitted waist, sleeves pointed with self-covered buttons that slip through tiny loops. The shoulders are cascaded with a mantle of equisite lace and the neck and back is covered with a barely there fine mesh lace. Self-covered buttons are repeated at the back of the neck.  This dress is really in amazing condition for the age.  There is a small tear in the mesh at the neck, I think a skilled seamstress could alter the neckline.  There are a few very very faint age spots on the front of the dress that are hidden in the folds and pleats, but I am mentioning for accuracy. There is very very faint age spotting UNDERNEATH the lace in the back, it cannot be seen with the lace over the top, I did not notice it until I lifted the lace in the back.
Side metal Talon zipper closure.

The headpiece is tiny wax flowers that are in quite nice condition and I think could be worked into an amazing veil, the fine mesh veil currently on it is damaged and new veiling material would have to be used.  The flowers are not broken and look nice and full. They would make a stand-out headpiece for your big day.

If you would like more photos of anything I will send them right out.
This is the only type of marking that I could find on this dress, they line the  underarms of the dress and say Julie Inc. and I think they are made of silk?

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  1. well---if i were gonna be getting married~~which i am not~~~thank the lord~~i would love to wear this dress!!!! i would do a mix of modern meets the 40's!!!