Friday, May 21, 2010

Collecting Scotties

The popularity of Scottie Dogs I think is due to FDR's beloved Scottie Fala.  You really start to see the Scottie dog image incorporated into many different items, household and otherwise during FDR's presidency. I have been collecting Scottie related items for about 14 years. I never know what I will find that will have a Scottie on it! 

As you can see, the Scottie has shown up on everything from Banks to Cigarette Holders and Avon bottles.  The Steiff Scottie with glass eyes is one of my favorite items (a birthday present from Harry)that I have and  the hand-made quilt is a favorite as well.  This is just a small sample of what I have.  I am always looking for something with a Scottie dog on it when I am shopping.  My most prized possesion though is undoubtedly my baby Henry......

He is the best thing and the MOST Prized of my collection :)

 I hope that if you collect anything that you find something to add to your collection this weekend.  So Happy Hunting and HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!


  1. Awwww~~~Henry looks so good in that pics!!!! I love the info about the history of the SCOTTIES being used in many different ways!!!!

  2. Oh golly gosh - how cute! I adore scotties, I have the print of those two scottie dogs looking at each other on my wall in my room!

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