Thursday, April 29, 2010


I always like to send my items that have sold from the shop out to their new owners in pretty packaging.   I have had many a customer comment that after a long terrible day at work that is was so very nice to come home and  find their pretty package waiting.   I love to use vintage trims and seam binding ribbon or whatever I may have found.  It is a lot of fun looking for things, Plus it is a great way to recycle. I try to use everything.  The little cards I use to stamp my shop name were once the card that the seam binding was wound around.  The cards have a nice aged patina to them now. I found some large ribbon spools that must from the 1950s or early 60s, the packaging doesn't even have the zip code on it.  It says the ribbon is rayon ribbonette and sticks when moistened!  If you have bought something from ScottieinaCanoe I hope you enjoyed the wrapping as well as your item.  I love to make things pretty and make my customers happy  :)

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