Friday, January 15, 2010


It seems like January is just flying by. I am going to try and slow it down, even though I do not care for cold and winter at all. But there are some things that I do like that come with is the perfect time for getting cozy at home, wrapped up in a wooly blanket sipping hot chocolate or my ever present cup of coffee. Reading a good book or watching a favorite movie, cooking comfort food or playing a board game. I also think ice skating would be fun...I have been one time at an indoor ice rink...but I am thinking of a wintery day outdoors on a pond or lake such as what is next door to me. The lake next door is covered with snow and I think a very thin layer of ice. I have never ever witnessed anyone ice skating on it. However, I do know that it used to host a bevy of skaters at one time. My dad, when a young man, used to skate on that very lake every winter. I don't think it gets cold enough anymore, so no gliding on the ice for me in a cute little wool coat, scarf and mittens and a twirly little skating skirt ala' Sonja Henie. Even though I won't be skating over the ice I have found other uses for Ice Skates. I have added some vintage pairs around the house for a touch of winter wonderland fun, along with a vintage sled, wool scarf with my signature scottie dog :) and vintage thermoses, all of which I have picked up for next-to-nothing at flea markets and secondhand shops. Is it cold enough where you live to go ice skating? if not what do you do to pass the winter hours?

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