Thursday, November 5, 2009


I love this painting. It is of an old ancestral homestead on my dad's side of the
family. The name of it was Gravenstein. There is so much going on in this
painting and I love to look at it.
Ladies in bustle dresses and fancy hats playing croquet, and is that a Scottie
playing in the yard? :)

A garden gate leading to many trees and flowers, the square stone I think is for dismounting and mounting a horse or for ladies to carefully exit a carriage, I am not sure what the boulder style stone is?

Let's not forget the gentlemen. There is one fellow playing with the ladies...

and another gentleman lounging against the fence...I cannot tell if he is playing
or admiring the scenery.... ( I am sure even then, men were checking out the

Even the frame on this painting is gorgeous. It has carved flourishes and the
Victorian hallmark of all things involving Nature with carved Cat tails.
I always try to imagine who the people are in the painting, were they visiting? Did they live there? I imagine the smell of the flowers in the garden. How hot it must have been that day, yet the ladies are completely covered as well as the men. I imagine walking up onto the shade covered porch and having a glass of lemonade. I also imagine what the house looked like on the inside.

Do you ever look at a painting and imagine yourself there?

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