Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lost in Austen

Pride and Prejudice is probably my favorite Jane Austen novel ( well, it is between P.P. and Persuasion as my favorite). I picked up a copy of Lost in Austen at my local video store and it was rather delightful! It is easy to get lost in an Austen novel. I always imagine what I would say to the haughty Lady Catherine de Bourgh, or the creepy Mr. Collins and of course what would be my reaction to Mr. Darcy! This movie is an adaptation that puts a modern day girl and lover of Jane Austen in just those circumstances. She literally walks into Pride and Prejudice. She trades places with Elizabeth Bennet and the Literary Fun begins. I won't give anything away for those who haven't watched it yet. The Perfect movie for curling up with this weekend and all of those Period Costumes are wonderful---lots of men in knee breeches and Empire cut gowns abound! Hope you have as much fun with it as I did

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  1. It does look fun! I missed it at the theatres but I've been meaning to see it. Maybe I will now!