Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home Away From Home

We are back from a few days of much need rest. We have 41 acres in the country, which is home away from home; and it was heavenly to get away for some relaxation, and yes a little canoeing! Our farm is named Bird House Farm, we have lots of birdhouses tucked away in trees and manning the fence posts. The birds are most appreciative of them. We had the company of some friends and we joined them on the water. It was the maiden voyage for a young camper named Kristopher who is 2 1/2 years old and was quite excited to go 'noeing, as he put it. We had had several days of torrential rain so that made the water rise and the current swift!!!! We had a ton 'o fun and Kristopher already wants to get on the water again. My Scottish Terrier Henry also enjoys the country and any scraps of bbq that hit the ground!

We have a Safari Airstream camper that we camp in and have built a nice deck with benches. There is also a large pavilion with stone fireplace and stone bbq pit. The pavilion overlooks the water and has a nice roomy attached deck....I think it would be the perfect place to do a spa massage one day!!! We also have a very Fancy Outhouse! Stained glass windows and wooden toilet seat and lots of Canoe related decorating----of course. We are also erecting an observation tower with a building underneath that is in the process of being completed. I am happy to report that almost all building materials have been done with recycled materials. The BEST thing of all is that we got our water line finished and so now WE HAVE WATER....no more having to carry water in and storing jugs and bottles..... A Wonderful time away....and I concur with Kristopher, I can't wait to get back to the farm and on the water!

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  1. I love the cabin-y stuff, and the birdhouses in the woods are the best! I love birds!